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With pleasure we inform you today that the dph Cologne office has moved to new premises.

From the 1st of May 2016 you will find us in

Lindenallee 70

50968 Köln/Cologne


Please note that our telephone numbers will change as follows :

+49 (0)221- 37 98 56-0

For all contact details, please click here.


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WooshinFA Pyramid Teabag Packing Machines

We are happy to announce a new cooperation between dph and WooshinFa.
Since January 2016 dph is the official representative for WooshinFA Packing machine, one of the leading manufacturer of high technology pyramid teabag packing machines.
With WooshinFA as our new partner we are able to offer our clients worldwide high technology machines at reasonable and competitive prices.

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"Single chamber technology”

 H&S Tee-Gesellschaft launches a new single chamber variant of the PT6 machine

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HST, mai s.a. teabag packing machines; Easy Pack form, fill & seal machines; Novapac cup filling & closing machines; Marden Edwards overwrapping machines; Simar conveying systems; and materials by Glatfelter, Gundlach, Gutmann, interfil, and more...

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Decide For Future!

We at dph have decided to represent machines which are “the machines of the future”. Based on this vision, we have decided in favour of HST and its range of teabag packing machines to be the right machine range for the market, for our customer and friends.

Some of the features of HST and its range of machines which make them “the machines of the future” are:

  • Environmentally friendly: Very low power consumption, some of them with less than 1 kW/h
  • State of the Art: Machines produce staple less teabags (knotted bags – both at the tag and as well as the bag end)
  • Flexibility: Machines can be adjusted from naked to enveloped teabag production and vica versa within 45 minutes
  • Counts of the produced bags can be interchanged with one touch on the control panel
  • Packs black / green teas; fruit teas and herbs
  • Carton size can be changed in an automatic multi row cartoning machine within 30 minutes

Choice of range  ̶  The customer has a choice of:

  • Both side staple, knot on bag side only or both side knotted
  • A naked bag, crimped paper envelope or heat seal outer envelope
  • Manual takeaway, single row automatic cartoning or multi row automatic cartoning
  • Possible to provide a checkweigher with the machine

Sustained profitability and highest return on investment:

  • These machines are economically priced and have the lowest “cost per bag” compared to its competition
  • Very economically priced high quality spare parts relative to market norms
  • Use of standard parts, wherever possible, reduces spare parts cost as well as reduces the need to carry stock of spare parts

Reliability and durability:

  • These machines are mechanically driven and use a highly reliable and long lasting cam drive technology
  • Since these machines are mechanically driven (relative to servotronic driven machines), they are less susceptible to fluctuations in power-supply and hence more reliable
  • Long working life and high re-sale value / demand
  • Machines are 100% made in Germany and hence carry the reliability / durability stamp associated with German made machines

At the very end, our customers want to produce “state of the art” teabags for your markets, using production lines that are cost effective, simple to run / maintain, serving you a long long time into the future.

It’s time to “Decide For Future” !

product by bag type

Square_Single_Chamber-2 Round_Single_Chamber2 Icons_Teabag_Pyramid Icons_Teabag_Square double chamber tea bag Teabag_with_crimped_outer_paper_envelope
Square Single Chamber  Round Single Chamber Pyramid Bag Rectangular Bag Naked Double Chamber Teabag Teabag with crimped outer paper envelope
tea bag with heat seal outer envelope Caddy_Bag_HST Caddy tea bag (single chamber) Icon_Pouch tea_stick  

Teabag with heat seal
outer foil envelope

Caddy Teabag Caddy Teabag with heat seal outer foil envelope Pouch
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