MESPIC - turn-key end-of-line solutions

New Brand: end-of-line solutions by the italian company MESPIC

All in One Case Packer

  • machine type: Compact and efficient system that allows to form, pack and seal boxes

A compact and efficient system that allows to form, pack and seal boxes starting from a flat blank.


Equipped with servo driven pick and place systems in carbon fiber or delta robots and fully transparent guards, the products that can be handled from the AIO case packer are several: capsules, boxes, flow-packs, bags, doybags, pots and jars.

For cleanability, visibility and safety reasons, the electrical cabinet is positioned on top of the machine and the cabling runs inside the main frame.

The machine is capable of handling different shapes and types of cardboard: open trays, display boxes with tear-off pre-cuts and boxes with sealed lid.

Standard Features:

- Compact footprint

- Modular concept to allow the integration of multiple processes in a single frame
- Flexibility in the handling of product and carton sizes
- Quick size changeover
- Easy access

- CCTV cameras to record the operation of the machine
- RFID log-in on HMI with different levels of access and operator tracking
- Advanced operator friendly interface and maintenance
- 100% internally developed mechanical, electrical and software engineering
- Components for Performance Level d
- Teleservice

Optional Features:

- Stainless steel frame
- Automatic size changeover

- Integration of accessory machines in the machine frame (Check-weighers, laser markers, etc.)

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