is an international leading manufacturer of Aluminium TEA BAG WIRE.

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Gutmann produces aluminium wire for different industries. The speciality for the food industry is the GUTMANN TEA BAG WIRE.


Your benefit when you use the GUTMANN TEA BAG WIRE:

  • GUTMANN is approved according to DIN ISO 22000
  • Additional certificates are DIN ISO 9001; DIN ISO 14001; ISO TS 16949
  • Latest re-spooling technology ensures a consistent wire tension;
  • this means no down times on your machines (on all types of machines)
  • Separate spooling room guaranties a totally clean and hygienic product
  • We only use food suitable spools
  • Packing units which save space in your warehouse
  • Our Aluminium-experience since 1937, made in Germany

For more information, please contact us or visit the Gutmann Website

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