Wooshin FA packing machines

Top of the range pyramid and rectangular teabag packing machines at competitive prices.


  • machine type: Packing Machine (overwrapper included)
  • bag type: Coffee Drip Bag

products compo 3000 DBWOOSHIN FA COMPO-3000 DB
Coffee Drip Bag Packing Machine (overwrapper included)


Filter Bag size          70(W)x90(L)mm

Packaging speed      40~50 Bags / min.

Sealing method        Ultrasonic

Envelope size          100x120 mm

Fill Volume              7~8g ground coffee

Machine dimensions 1800 x 1700 x 2600mm

Weight                   900kg

Electricity                AC 220V/5.0kW/50-60Hz/1 phase

Air Consumption       300 lts/minute