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Company Overview

  • 1991-2004

    The company was founded in Cologne.Through the international expansion that took place and the accumulated experience in different sectors, the company saw potential to expand into engineered products such as automotives. The Tea Packaging Machinery sector became a separate cornerstone of the company. At the end of 2004 a group of companies (dph group) was formed:

    1. dph Verwaltungs GmbH

    2. dph Aussenhandel & Beteiligungs GmbH CoKG.

    3. dph International GmbH

    4. dph Services GmbH

    5. dph F. Pirouz e.K.

    The dph group is active in the following business sectors:

    Automotive products that includes fbu and ckd/skd buses, trucks, automobiles, motorcycles as well as spare parts and components.

    Packaging machinery includes a range of tea bagging machines up to complete tea packing lines inclusive all materials needed.

    Additionally, engineering services are provided as well as factory layouts and creative finance schemes.

    ·           Trading consists mainly of the food, agricultural goods and metals.

    ·           Financing is mainly in the form of compensation, counter trades and project financing.

    ·           Consulting services include expert insights based on long-term industry knowledge.

    During the above periods dph had established itself successfully integrated the Asian, African and the Middle Eastern markets.


    dph has concentrated on the tea packing industry. Successfully established its name worldwide, as a leading partner within the packing industry for tea. Also as a leading supplier for all needed materials, such as filter paper, aluminium wire, cotton thread, tag and envelopes.

    2009 to 2017

    dph has established an independent daughter company in Dubai ATC (Albatros Tea & Coffee) DMCC Tea Centre Building.
    dph Services has merged with dph International in dph International GmbH.

    The dph headquarters in Cologne moved to new premises, Lindenallee 70, 50968 Cologne, Germany.

    dph defines itself as an advanced "One-Stop-Shop-Supply-Chain-Company", from the harvest to the point of sale.


    dph established a 100% daugther company: dph machinenbau GmbH, enabling the group to produce and develop their own tea packing machine.






A cup of tea is much more than a pleasing beverage.

It is the culmination of careful cultivation, backbreaking labor, artisanal craftsmanship, thoughtful preparation and centuries if not millennia of history.
With each sip, we are not only being nourished by the fragrant liquor, we are imbued with the essence of the people and the cultures that have shaped the leaves.

(unknown source)


teabagmachine.com - comprehensive tea packaging solutions

Banner supplychainWhy:

We believe in our State of the Art products and services. We successfully cover all the required needs of our industry with flexibility, cost awareness and innovations to ensure the excellence our customers deserve.

Our Vision is to connect a supportive network of seekers and solvers within the tea sector.

Our Mission is to be the epicenter of B2B tea + coffee related trade, offering a complete solution from the harvest to the point of sale. With product components that suit your unique business needs, whether startup or industrial scale, we deliver high quality at low cost.


Our sales teams operate worldwide, with presently 10 global offices to provide you with end-to-end support. We safeguard your business with emergency engineers, spare parts and more.  


dph Group is a one-stop shop for your tea packaging needs. All in one place. We offer the tea packaging machines, tea packing materials, supported with technical and commercial services.

Trusted in the market for more than 25 years. More than 80 associated companies worldwide help to strengthen the field of activities of the dph group and its business interests. dph has a strong sense of business and is committed to the success of its customers.

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