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Provides a direct service in tea packaging. This includes ‘tea tags’ as well as ‘paper and foil envelopes’. Originally based in Germany, Gundlach have recently shifted and expanded large parts of their production line to Dubai, UAE. Equipped with gravure production with up to 8 colours an a rotary die-cutter for inline production to print from reel to reel.

Gundlach Packaging Group Verpackung  for Tea Tags and Envelopes

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Gundlach Packaging Group is a global printer for tea tags and envelopes, having printing units in Germany and in Dubai. We believe in flexibility, high quality and continuity. We work closely with our partners to fulfill their specific needs, to place their trust in us and our printing for a long and successful business relationship.

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Gundlach Packaging Group has bulit up more than 150 years of experience - a solid basis for the application of consistently foreward-looking technology in the fields of printing, finishing and converting.

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Gundlach Packaging Group is positioned as a dynamic service provider, being a proficient partner and idea-generator for industry, working in close co-operation with itcs clients to develop tailor-made solutions.


For more information, please contact us or visit the Gundlach Packaging Group Website

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