Rychiger filling & sealing machines

FS 200


With the Rychiger FS 200, you can not only fill and seal pre-fabricated containers of any type, it also offers ample options for additional functions. The machine is designed for dry cleaning. Its main components include a rotary indexing table with 8 stations that can be configured in the most flexible manner to suit your specific product and process requirements.


To cater for applications in the fields of medical and health care products, the machine conforms to the relevant hygiene standards. On request, it can be equipped with a containment RABS for air quality conditioning in the process chamber.

Special features of FS 200

– Heat sealing or ultrasound technology
– Lower tool working independently from rotary indexing table
– Suitable for a range of tools with accurate sealing force adjustment
– Individual temperature control for each sealing tool
– Knee lever sealing system with servo drive
– Upgradeable with laminar flow unit in filling area
– Suitable for integration of gas-tight area for filling under shielding gas

Rotary indexing table

– Sturdy rotary indexing table of hygiene design with 8 stations
– Free positioning of all functions
– Quick format insert change Container infeed / destacker
– Destacker for stackable containers with knives or sliders
– Manual direct loading into stack channels or through automated buffer system
– Sorting pot infeed and centrifugal transfer for non-stackable containers supplied in bulk (e.g. multi-compartment containers)

Punching and sealing

– Heat sealing or ultrasound sealing with material supplied on reels or in magazines
– Punching and sealing in a single process (one-stroke technology)
– Precision sealing station with closed force flux
– Inside-cut technology

Filling systems

– Dosing of powder products by means of volumetric screw conveyor or alternative filling system
− Dosing of liquids by means of various metering systems, including multiple filling head machines (peristaltic pump, piston dosing unit or time-pressure unit), e.g. for reagents
− Dosing systems generally with single lane operation

Control and operation

− Touch screen with process visualization
− Continuous monitoring of all relevant process parameters
− Control systems from Allen Bradley or Siemens Additional functions
− Marking systems with printing unit (inkjet, laser, etc.)
− Precision weighing by means of control weighing or filling level measuring with optical sensors
− Camera control system for quality assurance
− Assembly stations
− Other product-specific functions can be integrated on request.


– Qualification documents (DQ, IQ, OQ) are available on request


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