Knotting-unit VPM-NU-S for IMA

Top Quality made in Germany
• Conversion of IMA machines (C21/ C23) from staple to knotting version with speed up to 220/min
• High Quality Sparepart production for IMA/HST/Teepack Packing machines
• Re-check and evaluation of machines
• Part Refurbishments of machines
• Full Refurbishment of machines



Portrait C. Wenk


CwTech is a highly specialized German company within our tea packing industry. They had been founded by Mr- Cristoph Wenk and have been leaded through the last 30 years to be now a major spare parts manufacturer who’s challenge is to set their quality level higher than the original manufacturer itself. CwTech not only is focused on high quality spare parts for most of the major teabag packing machines (IMA, Teepack, HST; Fuso and Twinkle etc. ) but also is the company who did successfully the conversion of IMA C21 and C23 from staple version to knotting version with a speed up to 220 per minute.
Christoph Wenk is proud to have been able to convert 150 such machines in the last 10 years. With an annual turn over of more than 5 Million Euros they are a strong part of our teabag machine industry.



Their aim is not to simple copy spare parts! With their own development department and a very large range of manufacture, they continuously improve the performance of the spare parts by using new materials, coatings and hardening processes. 
cwTech produces spare parts in an even better quality and implementation than the machine manufacturer itself. For 25 years, it has been their goal to surpass the original quality.



Especially for IMA tea packaging machines like C23, C24, C24E as well as C27 and C28 but also for Teepack, HST, Fuso and Twinkle they offer a large number of spare parts.
If you have special requirements that your supplier cannot meet, we can find a solution.
cwTech GmbH has converted almost 150 IMA C23/C21 to sewing technology in the last 10 years?
Many of these machines have been equipped with the latest control technology at the customer's request.
A connection to your ERP system and the possibility of remote maintenance thus become a reality for you. 
With the sewing technology, their know-how and the high quality spare parts, made in Germany, you can make your C23 machine fit for the next 50.000 operating hours.
cwTech is available to companies worldwide .They ship to almost all countries in the world. If You would like to visit their factory, but don't want to fly all the way to Germany? Please contact us and we will organize an exclusive online factory tour for you.


CW 12 09 7675 machine




 CW 12 09 7680 part



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