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State of the Art, fast over-wrapping machines. Easy to handle, long-lasting technology with flexible sizing at low costs.

ME Evo Series

  • machine type: Overwrapping machine
  • bag type: high speed overwrapping of boxes up to 50 packs / min


Special Features

  • Speed: up to 50 packs per minute
  • Relay logic control
  • Mechanical gripper film pull system
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Large pack size capability
  • External side loading film reel


 Box Sizes

'a' pack length    50 - 305 mm

'b' pack width     40 - 200 mm

'c' pack height    15 - 125 mm

Speed 50 overwraps per minute *  
Dimensions 2188 x 1000 x 1687 mm overwrapper-evo-series-drawings
Standard fitments include: • relay logic control
• mechanical gripper film pull system
• simple operation and maintenance
• large pack size capability
• external side loading film reel
Optional fitments include: • tear tape applicator
• print registration facility
• flock finish on pack contact parts
• profiled end sealer pads
• cosmetic quality spot or bar on end of seal profiles
• size changeover via change parts
• quick release size changeover via change parts

* maximum for this series, output speed depends on pack size.
  Several models, speeds and pack size capabilities are available.

All Evo series overwrappers comply with international safety standards, are supplied fully guarded and CE marked.

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