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FS 190


The Rychiger FS 190 is based on a rotary indexing table that can be equipped with individual process modules for a wide range of applications. Thanks to the flexible arrangement of the process modules, the machine can be adapted to many different products, such as for instance Dolce Gusto® and Nespresso® compatible capsules.


For portion packs that require a greater number of process modules, it is possible to combine two FS 190 machines to form one processing unit, catering for all steps from filling and weighing to capsule sealing, as well as many other product-specific processes.

Special features of FS 190

  • Lower tool working cycle independent from rotary indexing table
  • Tools designed for accurate sealing force adjustment
  • individual temperature control for each sealing tool
  • Knee lever sealing system with servo drive
  • Optional integration of gas-tight section for sealing in shielding gas atmosphere

Rotary indexing table

  • Sturdy rotary indexing table
  • Free positioning of all functions
  • Easy exchange of inserts for quick format changes

Capsule infeed / destacker

Depending on the capsule design (stackable or not stackable), the
machine comes with stack channels for manual loading or with a
fully automated capsule infeed system.

  • Destacker for stackable containers with knife or slider mechanism
  • Manual loading of containers in stack channels or automatic loading by means of buffer system
  • Sorting pot infeed with centrifugal transfer for non-stackable containers (multi-chamber containers in bulk, etc.)

Punching and sealing

A wide range of different sealing modules and technologies ensures
optimised sealing of any packaging and material combination.

  • Punching and sealing in one step („one-stroke“ technology)
  • Conductive or ultrasound sealing
  • Lid infeed from roll or lid magazine
  • Precision sealing station with closed force flux
  • Inside-cut technology

Filling systems

  • Dosing of powdery products by means of volumetric screw conveyor or other filling system
  • Liquid dosing (flavouring) with various dosing systems

Control and operation

  • Touch screen with process visualisation
  • Continuous monitoring of all relevant process parameters
  • Allen Bradley or Siemens control system

Additional functions

  • Precision weighing with checkweigher or filling level monitoring with optical sensors
  • Camera control system for quality assurance
  • Assembly stations
  • Marking systems with printer (ink jet, laser, etc.)





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